About EnGagE

Psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depressive disorder are common.

Despite the important role that genetic factors play in the development of these disorders, genetic testing is currently not part of clinical psychiatry. However, in view of recent genetic findings (particularly the identification of pathogenic copy number variants that are associated with high risks for schizophrenia), major efforts to establish such genetic testing are now underway.

Furthermore, the awareness among patients and their family members of the role of genetics in psychiatric disorders is growing and an increased demand for information on the role of genetics on one’s own illness or the illness of a family member is anticipated.

This information is likely provided in the form of Psychiatric Genetic Counselling. The recent developments require training in state-of-the-art psychiatric genetics for all professionals involved in patient care.

The pan-European Network EnGagE (Enhancing Psychiatric Genetic Counselling, Testing, and Training in Europe) addresses these needs. It aims to:

  • strengthen research into the newly emerging disciplines of Psychiatric Genetic Counselling and Psychiatric Genetic Testing;
  • develop a framework to facilitate the implementation of both disciplines into routine clinical care;
  • provide standardized training in Psychiatric Genetic Counselling and Psychiatric Genetic Testing.

More detailed information on our pan-European Network is provided in the different sections. We thank you for your interest in our Network and would like to encourage you to browse this website to learn more about our exciting endeavour.

Currently, EnGagE does not offer genetic testing to patients as part of routine clinical care. Information on our (planned) research studies and the progress of EnGagE can be found here.